Our Services - Web Development


Front-End Development

The Bard Agency takes pride in developing websites with validated xhtml code. Our page layouts are built using cascading style sheets (css) as opposed to table structure which improves the website’s expandability, flexibility and accessibility. We also run our sites through cross-browser testing to make sure that all internet viewers receive the same high-quality experience from your website.

Whether you designed the site and delivered it to us for web development or we designed the site ourselves, your site will receive the utmost care as it is built for universal appeal.

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Do you need to communicate to your audience with a dynamic, friendly, two-way approach? The Bard Agency can help you find the right blog software and configure it for your ease of use. We can fit your web design into an expandable template that will plug seamlessly into your site. It doesn’t matter if you want an entirely new site, or if you simply want to add a blog to your currently existing website, we can make the entire process painless for you.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

A CMS is similar to a blog in that the software allows easy and fast updates to be posted live to the web while maintaining the current site look and feel. If you are looking for a way to make your website more flexible, a CMS might be the solution you’re looking for.  There are many content management systems available, and The Bard Agency can set up the one that best fits your needs.


Shopping Carts

Online shopping is truly the backbone of the web. Are you just getting started with online sales? There are a lot of choices that are beneficial for different types of stores. After all, there is a seemingly endless list of shopping needs on the web from auction sites to storefronts to downloadable goods. Different carts are ideal for different purposes. Let us build and configure your business’s shopping cart.


Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is an excellent way to present vivid, animated content to your audience. From online video games to video presentations, Flash can really enhance your online offering. The Bard Agency has a great deal of interactive Flash experience. We would love to help you develope anything from a simple piece to enhance your home page to a complicated, ActionScript-driven video game. Click here to go to our Flash services page.

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Would you like to make your website easier for people with disabilities to use? We have built sites that exceed Section 508 and AAA Accessibility standards. We understand what it takes to reach the largest internet audience. Click here to go to our Accessibility services page.

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