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Website Design

Website Design

A site’s design must be driven by is content and functionality. We have experience in all aspects of web design, from site branding to architecture to creating beautiful layouts. We can help you to determine how best to present your business to the internet community and to define yourself to a computer savvy world that demands high quality content in an efficient and easy to access method. The Bard Agency delivers cutting-edge web design services to our clients. Whether you need an html-based website or a Flash-powered micro-site, The Bard Agency can design according to your needs.

Perhaps you are new to internet marketing. The Bard Agency can walk you through the process of choosing which aspects of your business to present online. We can set up your web presence, write your web content with approachable language, design your site, program your site with validated code, and launch it for the whole world to see.

On the other hand, your business may be no stranger to internet. In that case, we can still help you. The web is constantly changing with new design styles and technology. We can create a fresh new look for your web site that will drive new people through the virtual front door.

Our web design services include but are not limited to the following technologies:

  • Brochure Websites
  • Blogs
  • Shopping Carts
  • Micro-sites
  • Cell phone targeted sites

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Interactive Advertising

Interactive Advertising Design

Branding and presence is the key to online advertising. There is a small window of opportunity to catch the attention of internet viewers and solicit a click-through on web banners, rich media ads, and email blasts. Advertisements need to be instantly engaging and motivational in order to draw in potential customers and clients.

The Bard Agency has designed and developed web banners, rich media ads (such as expandable ads, superstitials, instant message ads, and video ads), and email blasts for major brands such as DuPont, Mazda, Goodyear, Ford and others. We understand the need to stick to a consistent brand style while still generating a fresh approach that will snag the eye of internet users who habitually skip quickly over advertising.

Here is a sample of the interactive advertising technologies for which we can design:

  • Masthead, Skyscrapers, and Block Banners
  • Email Blasts
  • Superstitials
  • Expandable Banners
  • Video Ads
  • Landing Pages

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